Monday, 5 December 2016

feedback following a performance of "frei zu sein. Ein Dialog"; Nov 2016

James Ingram (British composer): "It was a great pleasure to come to your concert. I liked the program a lot. Great to see you moving around the stage again! :-)
[...] I rather like being presented with something that isn't too obvious. I especially like the quasi surreal moments that break the piano recital framework. The rubber ball, the changes of costume, strange gestures... As with painting though, complete abstraction can get rather boring/arbitrary. There has to be something behind. Rodin's Balzac springs to mind. And I certainly noticed that there was something behind.
The best Art demonstrates that we don't know it all. It preserves and presents us with a mystery.
Anyway, as I said after the concert, it was great a pleasure being given something that has a higher "Anspruch", and I'll definitely be making an effort to come to your next program!"