Monday 2 June 2014

On Muïesis (official definition in English)

On Muïesis

Muïesis, or Muiesis, describes an alternative practice to classical music performance routine. Its aim is to encourage deeper levels of reflection and perception of music among performers and their audience.
Muïetic concerts use an external, connecting idea in order to help listeners to perceive music in a more sensitive and all-encompassing way. The musical works are put in a new context, their character, however, is never compromised. The connecting idea can be articulated using any means of expression (poetry, visual arts, theatre, etc.), but it is important that these complement the music and in no way hinder its power of expression or meaning.

Muïesis makes it possible for musicians and the audience to widen their understanding of the cultural context where music springs from. The muietic context allows musical idioms and styles to free themselves from the ghettoization of classical concert tradition. (HP Palmer)